Deserve to Be Paid

The value of time spent allows us to determine the amount you deserve to be paid in a regular workforce. How about our time online? Does it follow the same rules and norms as those in the traditional work?

Time online can be quite a tricky subject. In order for you to measure the value of time spent online, you need to identify one particular issue: productivity. It is not a question of how much time you spent online. It is a question of the ripple effect of what you did online that deserves you to be paid the amount. A simple quote which has traversed throughout your entire social media connections multiplies your productivity. It is a question of “Who have you touched today?” or “Who is listening or following your threads?.”

These are multipliers of your productivity when it comes to this whole new online dimension we are in. Work online is no longer just time spent but time spent productively and virally.

It goes the same with your idleness. Idle time online is just like staring across the galaxy without touching one soul. You lose more with each day of procrastination.


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