Compumatrix is …

Compumatrix is not a sham, it’s a boon

The journey of the social network has come along way. This social network primarily  consists of Baby boomers (52%) and the Silent Generation (30%). Around 69% of its members are in the Americas region.

Compumatrix, however, is just a new start-up. It is an incentive-based social network which allows you to earn from your productivity on the internet. Productivity relatively means contributing content such as blogs, videos, photos and other form of content.

Compumatrix was created to allow former members of the Pointshare programs to use all of their earnings to fund their own business and create a product called the Virtual Prepaid Cards. These cards allows you to participate on the site’s economic activity and ecosystem. Most of its members spent over $10,000 building their inventory of VPCs. This in turn created the demand for Online Resellers to partake and earn a living and thus fulfilling the goal of the program in creating more jobs in every country it reaches.

Compumatrix sees to it that 90% of its cash sales revenues are rewarded as sales commissions to all its members while maintaining 10% of it for operational costs.


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