Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


Down by the ruins in a desolate backyard in Havana, Cuba is a safe. Peered open. Rusty. It might be a reminder of one’s exciting life. It may have contained a series of spy documents or several precious metals or jewelry but now it just stays there open, alone and sad. After years of serving as a sanctuary for cash and other stuff that we consider precious or even priceless, it is now but a rusty piece of hard metal. A pure reminder of one’s strength. A clear picture of abandonment. A symbol of peace after suffering a tumultuous past.

During its majestic days where it served as a guard for the rich, it stands proud with a dull color of gray. A safe, clean and protected by its owners. Even had guards guarding it to double their sense of security. It stays in a discrete area within the premises of a large mansion. It’s combination privy to the his master alone. A keeper of secrets. A trusted loyal servant.

Then suddenly, a clear test of time came into view. A tragedy. Despite the ruins it remained shut. Remained strong to keep the secrets hidden within. But man has become strong and skillful. No matter how the safe tried to keep everything shut, it has been pried open. Defeated. It’s content. The secrets were opened for the whole world to see. But the safe was happy. It didn’t give up easily without a fight. It remained strong. It’s combination had not been too easy to crack. It has served its purpose. It has rewarded those who would stop and think and be patient in unlocking its secret.

Several years into the future, in a desolate backyard stands a rusty safe. Contented. Happily standing in the open. With arms open wide for those who might still wish to have their secrets kept within it. But then again, those were once in a lifetime. All that’s left are the charred memories of the golden days.


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