Misinformed About Bitcoin?

A lot of people are skeptics. If you are one then free your mind.



It’s not always easy to be an early adopter of a disruptive technology like bitcoin.

In addition to dealing with bitcoin’s price volatility, sometimes rough-around-the-edges user applications and the uncertainty about the digital currency’s regulatory standing, as pioneers we also have to answer to our friends and families about our interest in this new technology.

More often than not, people with only a cursory knowledge of bitcoin tend to be grossly misinformed. To their credit, the technology underlying bitcoin is very complex. It’s no secret that as bitcoin enthusiasts, we acknowledge the need to more effectively educate the general public about this new digital currency so that we can debunk the myths that plague bitcoin’s reputation.

With that said, it is almost dumbfounding how predictable it is to hear certain phrases from our loved ones whenever the topic of bitcoin arises. These phrases are usually founded in concern, curiosity, and…

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