On Winklevoss Bitcoin index, it’s open season for developers

You are not being hoodwinked. Digital currency is the future.


You may have heard by now that Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the tech investors and Olympic rowers made famous for their early association with Facebook, have shown some interest in digital currency.

Last February, the twins jumped into the Bitcoin craze by launching their own pricing index. Nicknamed the “WinkDex,” the Winklevoss Index is one of a handful of Bitcoin pricing indexes that seek to pinpoint a current value for a commodity that is in constant flux.

Now, Fortune has learned that the brothers will open the API, or application programming interface, for their index today so that developers can build on top of it.

That news in itself may not seem significant, but it is the first step in a larger play by the Winklevosses, who wish to become legitimate arbiters in the Bitcoin community. In addition to allowing access to the API, the Winklevosses will launch iOS and…

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