Our Thoughts On Bitcoin…What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think?

A FSBO Journal

Perhaps we are old fashioned. Perhaps we find it hard to accept that digital coins could have actual cash value in the real world.

Perhaps many people feel that it is a way to feed a desire to be apart of our favorite digital worlds. Have we spent too much time living the lives of our digital selves that we believe a currency made by programming code could have weight? Do we think, “Gee, if the money from that digital world is real, then our digital lives must be somewhat real too?”

But is this really the money of the future?

Personally, we hope not. At least not until it becomes insured in some way. Call us silly, but for some reason, we like to know that our dollar bill is still hanging around when we want to buy whatever it is that we can buy for a dollar.


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