A Call to Arms

A “CALL TO ARMS” is defined as a summons, invitation, or appeal to undertake a particular course of action

Compumatrix members worldwide take note! We have an unprecedented opportunity to move our company to the very forefront of a financial change taking place around the world. The dynamics of how we pay for goods and services are evolving at a pace never before seen or imagined. Don’t let this opportunity slip away simply by not learning about it.

COMPUCEEDS! The “virtual currency“ of Compumatrix.

After a lengthy absence from active participation in matters pertaining to the worldwide membership of Compumatrix, and at the suggestion of our Founder, Henry James Banayat, asking me to once more engage in fostering and promoting our company by sharing some insight and information on the growing International interest in digital currency.

Before delving into the intricacies of the digital or virtual currency world, let’s take a look at how we perceive or view “things”. First, generally speaking, we rely on the commonly accepted five senses, sound, sight, touch, smell and taste to denote, or stand for something being “real” as opposed to our understanding of virtual.

take-actionVirtual is a term that originally came from optics, “to understand objects in a mirror“. Objects in a mirror are reflections of an actual physical object but mirrors are not actually that object. Virtual has evolved to describe pretty much anything that is a “simulation” of a real object nowadays, with terms like virtual memory, virtual disks, and virtual reality. We use the term ‘virtual’ when talking about virtual currency because we would like Compuceeds, our virtual currency, to look and behave exactly like “real” currency or money.. This means the “virtual” currency is not really actual, but behaves exactly like the actual currency.

In the case of Compuceeds, our virtual currency, we cannot apply any of the five senses to our understanding based on the idea of being “real”. The idea of a virtual currency is best explained by substituting the word “currency” for “economy“. The idea is that closed economies have an economy where currency exchange is typically one way, and used within their economies. Sometimes you might exchange a virtual currency back into an external currency, however, this is relatively rare.

When we consider a Compuceeds, or digital currency/economy, we instead think of an economy that is an open system. It sits in parallel with our real-world economy, currency can be exchanged between digital currencies and between digital and non-digital currencies relatively easily. Really a digital economy and “real world” economy are not separate entities, they coexist within a single economy.

Is it realistic that digital currencies will be adopted into the mainstream in the near future? Less than one percent (1%) of the people in most developed countries have used bitcoin, but adoption is quickly growing, especially in northern Europe. Unfortunately, bitcoin has also faced some growing pains due to its association with drug trafficking and a few instances of hacking theft on online exchanges. As virtual currencies begin to migrate into the mainstream, we expect increased security and safer “wallet” storage to be a key priority and business opportunity going forward. Many experts remain optimistic about the future digital currencies. Electronic credit and debit transactions once seemed exotic and risky, but have since become an integral part of everyday life. Are digital currencies the next step in the evolution of frictionless financial transactions? Only time will tell, but it remains clear that a few firms will play a critical role in shaping the future of this industry.

Your active participation in the promotion and marketing of the concepts and ideas of Compumatrix will assure that we are on of those “few firms” to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals around the globe.

Be one of those who embrace the motto of our company.

Engage, Enrich, Enhance Life!

By Jerry Wilson


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