The Lemonade Stand Business

The simple business of running a lemonade stand is not as simple as you think. It starts with ingredients. Yeah! Simple right. Just get those lemons from the store? Not really. You need to ensure that the ingredients are fresh and ripe. Not all lemons are the same.

Then you need to ensure that the pricing is right. And that doesn’t ensure even the tiniest bit of assurance of success.

Your location should also be nice and clean. Determining your location within the vicinity of your property is also a factor.

The pricing. The taste. And most importantly, you need to have customers. And not just customers. Customers who can get more customers to come and drink a refreshing glass of lemonade.


Deserve to Be Paid

The value of time spent allows us to determine the amount you deserve to be paid in a regular workforce. How about our time online? Does it follow the same rules and norms as those in the traditional work?

Time online can be quite a tricky subject. In order for you to measure the value of time spent online, you need to identify one particular issue: productivity. It is not a question of how much time you spent online. It is a question of the ripple effect of what you did online that deserves you to be paid the amount. A simple quote which has traversed throughout your entire social media connections multiplies your productivity. It is a question of “Who have you touched today?” or “Who is listening or following your threads?.”

These are multipliers of your productivity when it comes to this whole new online dimension we are in. Work online is no longer just time spent but time spent productively and virally.

It goes the same with your idleness. Idle time online is just like staring across the galaxy without touching one soul. You lose more with each day of procrastination.

Compumatrix Credits Only

Compumatrix Credits

Compumatrix e-Currency

How did Paypal, Alertpay, Payza, and other e-currencies or payment systems came into existence? It is simply because YOU demanded merchants to use it.

Like any other business, the main ingredient is NOT the company. It is the about the people requiring them to exist. Alternative Payment Systems such as the usage of e-currencies are still at its infancy.

According to Wikipedia, Money is any object or record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given socio-economic context or country. The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange; a unit of account; a store of value; and, occasionally in the past, a standard of deferred payment. Any kind of object or secure verifiable record that fulfills these functions can be considered money.

What makes your Compumatrix Credits valuable is quite simple. It’s value came from things you spent: Cash, Time, Effort, Work, and Knowledge. It is a monetary system based on Trust and not on Debt.

Thereby, it is your ability to demand from merchants your preferred form of payment that makes this rather a very lucrative alternative and opportunity for any person who has it.

So start asking yourself: How did you earn 100,000 Compumatrix Credits which is worth $100,000? Was it worth your time and effort?

How will other people become part of our new economic platform? Is it not that the only way to become part of this new economy that we have created is through you? You are the retailers of these credits. You are the owners of credits where others may partake only if they exchange their products, services or cash into the credits used on our system.

Imagine a world that truly uses money out of something of trust and value and not from debt from banks or other financial institutions. We’re on top of a breakthrough. We are at the forefront of creating a new economic frontier.

It is a crazy concept. But at least it is real and it is here.

Characteristics of a Great Compumatrix Member

Here are the Characteristics of a Good Compumatrix Member

1. Eagerness to learn.

Each member must not simply have the financial resources to be a member, but also the interest to learn the ins and outs of growing the business with Compumatrix. We have lightened the burden of obtaining finance through our Points to Credits Program which compensates each and every activity you do in order to build your financial resources.

2. Proper Motivation

We ensure that member are not just in for the business of making money. We place our prospective members in the shoes of the customer, and see how he feels about our products and services.

3. Willingness to follow systems.

Members are expected to duplicate the winning business formula of Compumatrix, so they must be willing to adopt what is already working.

4. Sufficient Capitalization.

Compumatrix usually tells member applicants how much they need to invest in Compumatrix. Compumatrix fully disclose to their members how much they really need to spend (or how much activity they need to do), in order for members to honestly and fully determine whether they are financially capable of starting and operating their Compumatrix business.

5. Good sales or business background

While the member is expected to follow the Compumatrix business strategies, those who have a sales or business background could have an advantage over those who have none.

6. Adequate Participation.

The success of the member’s venture does not only depend on Compumatrix. The member’s management skills and willingness to work with Compumatrix will be crucial in achieving satisfactory results.

7. People Skills.

The member must not only take care of his customers, but must also be able to communicate goals and expectations to his sales agents or affiliates as well.

8. Be Seen Online.

This is not very easy but some members could help Compumatrix find good online locations such as forums, social media programs, blogs or other online groups where the business could flourish.